They’re heeeeeeere! Llamas and bison and elk, oh my!

Okay, enough of the bad, old movie references. Just come see the new Drive-Thru Safari Park at Wild Florida when it opens this weekend.

Sam Haught and the Munns brothers have worked since the fall to gather a collection of animals that roam the range, but not necessarily Central Florida, in order for visitors to see them, in a natural habitat, from their cars.

They held a sneak peak this week, with just about all of the 100 or so exotic and native animals scattered about the 85 acres that can be seen from your vehicle on a nearly two-mile loop.

The weather was a bit sketchy, but it didn’t bother the animals, who were in front of any size of audience for the first time. Goats grazed, unfazed, zebras strolled along the path — or sometimes down the middle of it with little regard to their visitors, and a pack of deer darted out of a patch of woods and across the road (so, in other words, be careful).

Brahman, cracker and longhorn cattle stand watch, with their impressive horns, taking it all in. Then there’s the gators, crocodiles, goats, oryx, watusi, zebu, and water buffalo who roam, seemingly at play.

The best is left for last. After exiting the loop, park and climb the stairs or ramp to a platform to meet and hand feed the giraffes.
And just when you think it can’t get any more unique, wait ’till next year! A zip line over the giraffe and gator habitats.

All safari park tickets, along with Wild Florida’s iconic airboat tours and animal encounters include admission to the Gator Park, which features 200 more animal exhibits, but require reservations in advance. To book adventures, go to or call 866-532-7167.