The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people they say stole a BMW from three other people, who had already stolen the car from a dealership, and have now been arrested.

Aaron Alvarenga, Jerome Lewis, and Justin Carter were arrested by Osceola deputies on charges of grand theft auto, carjacking, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after they robbed a woman, her boyfriend, and their friend at gunpoint during a house showing on Hawk Drive in Kissimmee on Wednesday.

After electronically tracking and locating the stolen BMW, deputies conducted a traffic stop and arrested the three suspects.

Detectives were told by Alvarenga, one of the suspects. that the stolen BMW they were in had already been stolen from a dealership by one of the victims, who purchased it with a fake ID.

The sheriff’s office called the dealership confirming that the BMW had been illegally purchased, then arrested the victims for stealing the car in the first place, and for  providing fake IDs to law enforcement, the same IDs they used to purchase the BMW.

The sheriff’s office says they have arrested all six people, the three who carjacked the “previously stolen” BMW, and the three who purchased the car with fake IDs. Osceola deputies are still trying to figure out who the three “victims” with fake IDs are.