If you’re a SunRail regular, expect to see extra staff at stations Thursday — what the commuter board is calling Fare Enforcement Day — to make sure everyone is paying proper fares and using the “Tap On-Tap Off” technology correct.

Train riders receive a card when buying a one-way fare at a station, or can get a reusable weekly, monthly or annual SunPass card. These cards are “tapped” at a station Ticket Validator at each station to validate the fare. Earlier in the month, SunRail began flagging accounts that weren’t being tapped at each “on” and “off” point. Going forward, SunCards not tapped at each end of the trip are being charged $5 (the maximum one-way fare) and those that are not consistently tapped may be temporarily suspended.

Thursday’s enforcement event is meant to make sure riders know the right procedure, and follow it every ride.

An in-county one-way fare is $2; round trips are $3.50. Fares increase $1 each time a county line is crossed (i.e. between the Kissimmee Tupperware station and Kissimee; Maitland and Altamonte Springs).

Prepaid cards can be loaded with up to $270 to pay fares, and users receive a 10 percent bonus each time funds are loaded onto the card, and additional discounts apply for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and youth between the ages of 7-18. Similar to a debit card, the fare is deducted based on the distance traveled.