National Workaholics Day is on July 5th, and it might remind us to balance our work and home life better. Work isn’t everything – right? Do you come in early, skip your lunch and stay late or know someone who does? This day is dedicated to the people who fit that description – the workaholics. (Positively Osceola might just have a few.)

A workaholic typically is highly self-motivated and feels the need to be busy at all times. Workaholics might perform tasks they are not required to do but want to do, and sometimes that are actually unnecessary to do.

Some workaholics may have trouble delegating or entrusting co-workers with tasks or sometimes struggle with organizational skills due to taking on too much work at one time. The solution for workaholics is to step back, regroup, and slow down a little bit.

An associated day is “Take a look at National Work Like A Dog Day” which celebrates having a strong work ethic. The truth is, being a workaholic is actually socially acceptable in most cases. Employers and team leaders tend to enjoy having someone on the team that goes that “extra mile.” However, there is a negative side to the world of workaholics.

Here are 5 signs to look for in workaholics:

Work is priority #1
May have anxiety you can’t see
No social life
Won’t admit they are workaholics, but they know they are
It’s tough for things to be good enough
They don’t delegate for fear the task won’t get done, or done well

One’s career does rely on a good and strong work ethic and a drive to do things excellently. However, a balance between work and home unlocks the door to life’s successes, and to being more happy in life/.

How to observe #NationalWorkaholicsDay?
A healthy work-life means more to our well-being than just a paycheck! If you have workaholic tendencies, take some time off to relax, slow down a little bit and maybe schedule a vacation for you and your family.

If you think you might be a workaholic, make a call to a fellow team member and hand over a task – or two.

If you know of someone who is likely to be a workaholic, take the person out for breakfast or lunch, and discuss how you, or someone else, can take a few tasks off their plate, and some of the responsibility.

Who knows, it might just work!

Source: National Day Calendar