Toho Water Authority is warning the community to be aware of two types of payment scams that are currently taking place. It’s an unfortunate reality but extremely important for customers to look for signs of scams at all times.

Here are details of the two apparent scams taking place that have mentioned Toho Water.

Unexpected Check Scam

A fake check may be issued featuring the name Too Water Authority. Fraudsters issue you a check worth more than the amount owed to you and instruct you to wire the excess funds back to them. After you’ve sent the money, you find out that the check is bogus and that you’ve lost your money.

Toho is informing the community that the Scam artists are using sophisticated technology to create counterfeit checks that mirror the appearance of legitimate checks, and they are high quality forgeries.

Tips to prevent fake check scams:

Report suspicious checks to bank staff, don’t deposit it-report it
Never send money back to someone who sent you a check
Be wary, contact the issuing agency before you act

Toho will never ask you to wire money from a check back to them.

Over the Phone Payment Scam

Customers are being contacted by individuals claiming to be from Toho Water Authority. They threaten customers with immediate water service disconnection if payment is not made immediately.
Protect yourself by recognizing suspicious activity. Scams include impersonators who:

  • Pretend to be from Toho. (Your caller ID might even display Toho’s number or name)
  • Threaten to turn off your water service unless you act immediately
  • Demand immediate payment – often by prepaid debit card

If a payment is past due, Toho will contact you informing you of the amount due and due date to avoid disruption of service. We will never demand immediate payment over the phone or in person. Customers can make payments using our automated phone payment system, by mail, on our website or at any Amscot location or where MoneyGram is accepted.

If you believe you have encountered one of these scams, call Toho Water Authority’s customer service call center at 407-944-5000 to report the incident and report the incident to local law enforcement.