Today is the sixth annual “Imagine a Day Without Water Day,” and  Toho Water Authority, along with other water utilities, community leaders, educators, and businesses from across the country are focusing on a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water. Led by the Value of Water Campaign, organizations across the country use the national day as a springboard to raise awareness about not taking water for granted and the crucial need for investment in our nation’s water systems.

Turning on the tap for clean, safe drinking water, and flushing the toilet with no second thought about what happens to wastewater, are actions most Americans take for granted every day. But, this year as our community is dealing with the public health crisis from coronavirus (COVID-19), we have seen that reliable water service is something we depend on to protect our health and economy. Our nation’s water infrastructure is aging and in need of investment. A day without water service is a potential public health and an economic disaster: a single nationwide day without water service would put our entire economy at risk.

Toho commemorated Imagine a Day Without Water 2020 by creating a short video that highlights some local organizations including Poinciana Medical Center, the Kissimmee Fire Department, the Osceola Council on Aging, and the City of Kissimmee. Not having water means we, and those we rely on to help protect us, are at risk for not being able to do everyday actions.

There is no industry – medical, fire, food service, or fun – that does not rely on water. To view the video visit

Imagine a Day Without Water is an opportunity for diverse organizations, from environmental advocates to coffee shops, aquariums to car washes, city halls to water utilities, to talk about why water is important to them. Over the past five years, it has provided a platform for educating the public and advocating for leaders to prioritize investing in water today, so in the future, no American will have to imagine a day without water.

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