Uber is preparing for more riders by requiring drivers and passengers to wear masks. This in response to more and more states phasing in the reopening of retail businesses and restaurants.

Beginning Monday, Uber will require anyone utilizing Uber’s  service to wear a face mask or covering. Riders, couriers, and drivers will both have to self-verify on the app that they are taking precautions before their trip can move forward.

They will  have to agree to a series of terms promising that they don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, have disinfected their vehicle and have washed their hands. An additional selfie verification process will be required  to make sure drivers have a face covering on before driving.

Passengers and drivers will be able to cancel rides if the person operating or entering the uber vehicle isn’t wearing a mask and if someone removes a mask somewhere along the trip’s path. Uber has also added an option that makes it possible to notify Uber about the removal when they rate the ride.

Uber already uses technology to ensure that drivers match their licenses and profiles, called Real-Time ID Check. But, with CDC guidelines the goal of the app will be to detect the presence of a mask. Riders, will not have to prove they are wearing a mask before the ride will start.