In a world where we classify businesses as essential and non-essential, it’s pretty clear that Walmart is currently essential.

It’s employees are putting their health on the line to serve shoppers, and now the company has announced Tuesday it will check employees’ temperatures at the start of their shifts to prevent them from working with coronavirus.

Walmart is distributing infrared thermometers to all its locations, and those who work in Walmart and Sam’s Club who give reach at least 100 degrees will be sent home, a company release said, and stay out until they go three days without a fever.

“Many associates have already been taking their own temperatures at home, and we’re asking them to continue that practice as we start doing it on-site,” John Furner, President & CEO, Walmart U.S. and Kath McLay, President & CEO, Sam’s Club, said in the joint release. “And we’ll continue to ask associates to look out for other symptoms of the virus — coughing, feeling achy, difficulty breathing — and never come to work when they don’t feel well.”

The temperature screening is part of other corporate measures to look out for associates and customers. The company will make masks, as supplies permit, for employees who want them.

“They will be high-quality masks, but not N95 respirators – which should be reserved for at-risk healthcare workers,” the release said. “We encourage anyone who would like to wear a mask or gloves at work to ask their supervisor for them, while keeping in mind that it is still possible to spread germs while wearing them.

“We will continue to consult with health officials and experts inside and outside Walmart as this situation evolves. We greatly appreciate the work our associates are doing for customers, members, and their communities, and we will continue to prioritize their health and well-being.