Many of us started this Monday morning with coffee, because, how else are you going to kickstart a week?

At Wild Florida south of St. Cloud, Sam Haught and the gang at the Gator Park began the week with albino alligator eggs.

They weren’t for breakfast, they’re for hatching — we all hope. And it was a heck of a way to kick off the annual Gator Week at Wild Florida.

Last year Wild Florida had 17 eggs, but unfortunately none of them hatched. This year the odds are better: there are 25, so it’s big news, since albino alligators are very rare; biologists think only about 100 exist in the world. Wild Florida relocated the eggs to a secure location to help protect them from natural predators and monitor their progress.

It’ll take about 60 days for any of those eggs to hatch, so check back with us over the summer for hopefully some August albino alligator hatch announcements from momma Snowflake and dad Blizzard!

“This year, we’re hopeful, who knows,” Haught said. “We’re hopeful by cautious. it’s a big deal we even got eggs. We’re on the right track, and here’s proof, so we’re super stoked.”

And that’s just Monday of Gator Week! The rest of the week could be just as exciting.

“We got something just about every day, its the way Gator Week works so we have fun activities for the whole family to participate in,” he said.

Tuesday, Wild Florida will measure Crusher, the the supersized gator,  to get his true length, and Wednesday guests will learn was an alligator’s favorite snack is during feeding shows. There will be airboat tour discounts later in the week, which is a rarity (go to Wild Florida’s social media or to find the discount code).

First responders, health care workers, grocery store workers and truckers get FREE admission as a way to say thanks to those who’ve made sacrifices to keep the community going during the pandemic, and Florida residents get a $5 Gator Week special.

So treat the family to Gator Week at Wild Florida!