Wild Florida, one of Osceola County’s own hidden gems, features the natural beauty of Florida, along with some of the most beautifully exotic animals in the world… and of course, gators too!

In 2010, Wild Florida set out to preserve one of the few pieces of private property on Lake Cypress in the headwaters of the Florida Everglades. This unique attraction allows visitors to see the more “naturally pristine-side” of  Florida while creating an experience rich with education and fun for the entire family.

Sam Haught, co-owner of Wild Florida shared that Wild Florida’s mission is to provide an unforgettable “everglades experience” that promotes a connection with animals while inspiring education and conservation. It’s a core passion for the Wild Florida staff to invest time in educating park guests that the delicate eco-system that makes up Florida’s natural beauty, including the breathtaking wildlife,  still exists today and that Wild Florida is hopeful that through education a new surge of understanding and conservation will take place.

Wild Florida, located only 15 minutes east of St. Cloud Florida, is home to more than 200 native and exotic animals inside its Gator Park and features one of the most amazing airboat tours in all of Florida. Wild Florida makes it possible for guests from all over the world to experience up close and personal encounters with animals in natural, comfortable and stimulating surroundings. With their soon coming “drivable safari park” and zip-line feature, Wild Florida is continuing its quest to be on every Central Florida Tourist’s bucket list. For more information on Wild Florida and its upcoming events , visit WildFloridaAirboats.com.

We invite everyone to visit Wild Florida during Gator Week, May 6th to 11th! We know that the primary emotional response is fear for alligators and the mission for this week is to help convert people’s fear of alligators into healthy respect, appreciation and maybe even love for these amazing animals. Enjoy FREE ADMISSION for the whole family for the whole week!  

Sam Haught

Co-Owner, Wild Florida

During Gator Week, May 6-11, 2019, Wild Florida is inviting everyone to visit Crusher and all of his alligator buddies with FREE ADMISSION for all ages. Crusher is Wild Florida’s largest alligator and was a rescue alligator brought to Wild Florida from a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) licensed trapper in the SNAP program. He is 65 years old, has become highly trained and loves to perform for Wild Florida guests. Join Wild Florida May 6th – 11th for FREE Admission during Gator Week and get the chance to learn more about Crusher. 

Guests will have an opportunity to learn about all the amazing animals at Wild Florida along with countless family fun activities the throughout the week. There is will something for all ages with bounce houses, gator jump competitions, gator shows and much, much more. 

Wild Florida believes that by proactively promoting and educating its park guests about Central Florida’s natural resources that they can have a positive impact on the future. Dedicated to protecting, conserving and enhancing Florida’s diverse ecosystem, Wild Florida will continue to be a favorite tourist destination in Central Florida for years to come!

 For more information visit WildFloridaAirboats.com