Osceola Arts – Art in Public Places at the Veterans Memorial Library. St. Cloud Branch presents local artist Leila Beauvais. Works by Leila Beauvais will be on display at the Veterans Memorial St. Cloud Library from March 16 through April 30.

Beauvais loves creating pieces that are beautiful and joyful. She is a Florida native, a self-taught artist that draws inspiration from the Florida landscape and her Puerto Rican heritage. She enjoys exploring all different types of mediums and experimenting “just to see what happens”.

Creating is a source of peace and very therapeutic for Beauvais.”Our beautiful natural surroundings, most especially the beach is where most of my inspiration comes from, as well as dancing. I love conveying the sheer happiness and fun that comes with dancing. It brings people together as one universal language, especially in Latin culture. I love the movement and connection made whether I am a participant or watching.” says Beauvais.

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