The Florida Department of Health’s most recent COVID-19 report is showing that there were 3,494 new positive cases since Saturday, 45 of them in Osceola County.

According to Florida health officials there were 17 coronavirus-related deaths in Florida since Saturday.

The State of Florida is now at 97,291 total positive cases with a total of 13, 037 hospitalizations and a death toll at 3,161.

Health officials are reporting that Osceola County is up to 1052 positive cases, 175 total hospitalizations related to COVID-19 and 23 deaths.

The median age that have tested positive for COVID-19 is 44, with a gender split of 50% female and 50% male. Florida health officials are reporting that 9% are black, 48% are white, and 40% are shown as other (3% are shown as unknown.)

The State of Florida doesn’t report the number of patients currently in hospitals with the coronavirus or how many people have recovered from the COVID-19 after being diagnosed, and also doesn’t release private lab testing in their overall report total.