Looking for something cool for the kids to do, or the adults, that is cool and about space and SpaceX? You may have missed it, but SpaceX has a Dragon Docking Simulator which is a cut-down version of the actual Dragon simulator – which makes it possible to fly the docking sequence with the ISS.

While this is only a cut-down version of a full Dragon 2 simulation, it does give you a chance to see how the user interface design is radically different from existing space vehicles. It also gives an opportunity to fly recklessly around a simulated ISS, since we can’t do that in real life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll reach the ISS at rapidly. Docking in space is a slow-moving process, with all adjustments going a long way. So take your time and see if you’re able to perfectly orchestrate the right clicks to get your spacecraft into its parking spot.

Actual astronauts riding inside Crew Dragon won’t need to manually dock the vehicle unless something goes wrong. The vehicle is designed to autonomously dock with the International Space Station without the need of any astronaut assistance. However, astronauts are trained to take over the controls of the Crew Dragon if need be.