There’s no question, the last two years have been challenging, possibly the most challenging many of us have experienced during our lifetimes. But, a new year is here, and as a community, as a nation, and as a world – we embrace a fresh start with hope for the new year.  Positively Osceola asked a number of positive leaders in the community to share their hope and their plans for the new year, and how we can encourage and support each other in 2022.  We asked Michael R. Flippo, Musician/Arranger/Producer, to share his hope and outlook for 2022.

2021 is history. One thing I’ve learned in the last three years is that I cannot change history, especially its pain and loss.

If I were to gather all of the photos, writings, videos, books, keepsakes. and symbols of a person once in my life but no longer on this earth, and hide them away in a lockbox, would it erase that person? Certainly not. It may remove a reminder . . . but I need reminding so that I can honestly and progressively move forward and grow as a person.

Growing as a person does not stop at a certain age, either. 2021 is filled with many “reminders,” from which we can learn and grow. As I step into 2022, I have a renewed hope and expectation of better days ahead, but I can only take one day, one 24 hours, at a time, and so can you.

History is being written as I write this. And so we all begin to write our story, entitled, “2022.” Let’s make it a best seller.

Michael R. Flippo