Positively Osceola asked a number of positive leaders in the community to share their hope and their plans for the new year, and how we can encourage and support each other in 2022.  We asked Kelly Trace, CEO of Reach and Headquarters Coworking to share her hope and outlook for 2022.

Becoming a new version of yourself every year is exhausting. Before you post about who the new you will be in 2022, I want to remind you that there isn’t anything wrong with the 2021 version of yourself. Or you in 2020, or 2019. You got you here – and you’re doing pretty darn great.

But here comes that high achiever mindset again – she always be after something more and better and better.

Resolutions always seem to be dramatic life changes, don’t they? Some things we know aren’t even really possible but we write them down because maybe we will actually do them (gym – I’m talking to you! or maybe you want to personally change some feelings on the inside – and trust me – doing big inner mindset work is so important, but speaking from experience, enter this space with some caution.

So many of us see things (or someone’s life actually) on the internet we think we want, we convince ourselves that’s the natural next step for us, and the harm here is that sometimes you don’t realize that you’re changing your core values to get where you think you’re supposed to be. The same core values that made you the success that you are.

And it’s reeeeeally hard to snap back into the you that you were after dipping your toe in that murky water.

The TLDR is — Make sure when you’re setting resolutions this year that you don’t compromise your core values to become a new version of yourself because, to be honest people really love you just as you are.

Kelly Trace

CEO , Reach, Headquarters Coworking