Positively Osceola asked a number of positive leaders in the community to share their hope and plans for the new year, and how we can encourage and support each other in 2023. We asked Angela Eady, City of Kissimmee Commissioner and community leader, to share her hope and outlook for 2023.

The hope for tomorrow must start today. Each one of us has a true responsibility to mold our county to the dynamics that suits the diversity that reflects us as a unified group of unique individuals. All to benefit one cause, to teach and learn from each other.

We must open our hearts and minds to a new form of love and understanding that we all have place and a voice for each other. To motivate, enhance, and excel to the fullest without compromising the integrity on which our upbringing carried us. We must promote the absence of pride and welcome grace and dignity.
After all, we are in this together, and together we will stand, and succeed. #TomorrowStartsToday

Angela Eady

Commissioner, City of Kissimmee