Have you ever sat and really thought about all of the nasty, gross, disgusting things you do throughout the day and don’t even realize it. Here is a list of 30 things most people do every day that is just plain gross! 


1. Reusing dirty jeans for weeks without washing them.

2. Wearing already-used workout clothes when you just ~don’t have time~ to do laundry.

3. Using your phone while sitting on the toilet.

4. And taking a phone call while you’re…still on the toilet.

5. Not showering for multiple days in a row.

6. Sitting with your hand down your pants…

7. And nonchalantly stroking your pubes while you’re at it.

8. Smelling your fingers after touching different body parts.

9. Wiping away your eye gunk and then marveling at it.

10. Seeing how much of the gray gunk you can pile up under your fingernails…

11. And then scraping out that gunk from underneath your nails and examining it.

12. Wiping your armpits and then smelling your fingers to see if you’re in dire need of more deodorant.

13. Not checking the expiration dates on condiments and other foods.

14. Sneezing without covering your mouth and letting it spray everywhere.

15. Or covering your mouth and then trying to stealthily wipe your hands on your clothes.

16. Hocking a loogie and then trying to spit it out in one clean glob.

17. Picking at the dead skin buildup on your feet.

18. Smelling dirty clothes to see if they’re reusable.

19. Picking at scabs and trying to break them off piece by piece.

20. Playing with and picking at the dry skin on your lips.

21. Digging for food in your teeth without washing your hands.

22. Leaving food out for hours and then coming back to eat it.

23. Drinking from a water bottle that hasn’t been cleaned in over a month.

24. Reusing earbuds that have literally never been cleaned.

25. Sharing and borrowing deodorant sticks.

26. Peeing while in the shower.

27. Using the same towel for several weeks (or even MONTHS) without cleaning it.

28. Putting makeup on your face with brushes that have never been cleaned

29. Clipping your toenails/fingernails and letting them fly all over the place.

30. Climbing into bed in the clothes you wore all day.