During Monday evening’s Osceola County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, there were many important moments to take note of, but none more memorable than when Vice Chair Viviana Janer pointed out that everyone on the dais was a female. In the first Osceola County Commission meeting of its kind, all the seats on the dais were filled by women.

The all-female Osceola County leadership representation was made possible with the absence of County Manager Don Fisher, County Attorney Frank Townsend, Commission Chairman Brandon Arrington, and Commissioner Ricky Booth.

In addition to Commissioner from District 3 Viviana Janer (who ran the meeting as Vice-Chair), Peggy Choudhry, and Cheryl Grieb; Deputy County Manager Beth Knight and Assistant County Attorney Kimberly Kopp were on the dais.

I hope that any women and girls watching tonight find some inspiration by our example. I think all of us up here would agree that hard work and perseverance are rewarded in society today. You should never doubt your own value or power as you pursue opportunities and your dreams.

Viviana janer

Vice-chair, Osceola County Board of County Commissioners

As a community, we thank all the women in leadership that were present at Monday’s meeting and that have been a major part of leading our county toward greatness, and we are also grateful for all the amazing women behind the scenes that work so hard day in and day out to make our county great!

Photo above (left to right): Commissioner Cheryl Grieb, Deborah Carson, Iris Soto, Commissioner Peggy Choudhry, Assistant County Manager Donna Renberg, Deputy Johanna Rivera, Commission Vice Chair Viviana Janer, Assistant County Attorney Kimberly Kopp, Deputy County Manager Beth Knight, Debra Davis, Susan Caswell, and Karla Wong.

Photo Source: Osceola County