The nation’s largest movie theater chain, AMC Theaters, is planning to reopen on Aug. 20 with some seriously “retro ticket” prices – 15 cents per movie.

AMC says they will reopen the doors of over 100 cinemas — or about a sixth of its nationwide locations — on Aug. 20 with the throwback pricing deal for that day.

After a few “almost” restarts caused by a summer increase of coronavirus cases throughout much of the U.S., movie theaters are currently set to reopen later this month. Regal Cinemas, second in size begind AMC, is set to reopen some of its theaters on Aug. 21.

During its opening-day promotion, AMC will show classic films like “Ghostbusters,” “Black Panther,” “Back to the Future” and “Grease.” Older films like those will continue to be played after the opening for only $5.

Disney’s currently delayed “New Mutants” will open in theaters Aug. 28, with Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” debuting Sept. 3.

Theaters like AMC and Regal have said they will conform with social distancing, along with increased sanitizing of theaters  as well as requiring mask wearing by staff and guests.