The terming out of a member of Kissimmee Utility Authority’s board of directors creates and open seat, and applications are now being taken to fill it.

The deadline for completed applications is on April 24 to fill the seat of Kathleen Thacker, who will complete her second term on the board and is not eligible for reappointment. The KUA board will interview applicants on May 6, then send its’ top three choices to the Kissimmee City Commission for second interviews. Once chosen by the City Commission, the winner will be sworn in at the board’s October meeting.

Those wishing to apply must live in the city limits of Kissimmee and registered to vote there. Top candidates will show a successful business or professional management career.

The term of a director, an un-paid position, is for five years, and a director can serve two consecutive terms. The board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. Workshop meetings, generally devoted to a single subject, are held as needed. basis. In addition, board members represent the utility in various local, regional and national organizations. The five-person board sets KUA policy and direction, approves annual budgets, sets rates, and approves major purchases. The board also directs the KUA general manager, responsible for day-to-day utility operations.

To apply, pick up an application form at KUA’s executive office (1701 W. Carroll Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741) or file one online at