By adding another 2,926 cases in this morning’s report, the Florida Department of Health says the state of Florida now has six figures of virus cases — the number is now at 100,217. That is over 36,000 in the last 15 days, an average of 2,418 per day.

Osceola County added about the same number of cases overnight that it has daily over the last week, 28, to reach 1,080 cases. It became Florida’s 17th county out of 67 to reach the 1,000 mark over the weekend. the DOH also reported six new hospitalizations, the highest daily total since early April, to pujt that number at 177.

On Saturday, Gov. Ron DeSantis noted many of the cases making up the large uptick over the last week are in the 20-34 age range, and he said that the large majority of them will not be hospitalization and many will be asymptomatic. He also made clear the state will not roll back from the Phase II of the state’s reopening plan, where Florida is at now, but won’t advance to Phase III with cases blooming as they have in recent days.

Since businesses have not gotten any order to close from government, if you choose to go out, keep in mind the same, simple prevention steps you’ve been urged to do since this all started in March: wear a mask, keep social distance of six feet, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently.