In a time where many employers are having a challenge keeping their current employees and finding new staff,  the City of St. Cloud is celebrating and thanking staff members at its annual Employee Service Awards program that have committed themselves in making a positive to the city, and to the community for years!

On Friday, April 1, the city recognized employees for their tenure serving the citizens of St. Cloud. Below is a list of those recognized this year:

40 Years

40 years: John Koones: IT Department, St. Cloud Police Department, and 30 years of service as Battalion Chief with St. Cloud Fire Department

30 years

30 years: Scott Adams, Public Works; and Art Lee, Public Works

25 Years

25 years: Edwin Mateo, Police Department; Donald Callaghan, Public Works;

20 years

20 years: Leslie Messina, Finance; Eric Holloway, Parks & Recreation;
Denise Roberts, Police Department;
Richard Tonks, Fire Department;
Nadine Zilke, Police Department

15 years

15 years: Raul Ramirez, Gabriel Masson, John F. Jones, Leslie Flores, James Reus, Ivy De La Cruz, Yokarlo Martinez, Diara Wesler, Damaris Barbosa, Matthew Hargrave, Marina Acabeo, Jovanne Rodriguez, Karey Halbin, Mary Mitchell, Celia Martinez, Keith LaFontaine, Marisol De La Rosa, Matthew Bakker, Casey Lawson, Lilyvette Serrano, Kevin Felblinger, Michael Smith, William McFadden, Mary Mitchell, and Angela Farmer.

10 years

10 years: Matthew Evans, Nicholas Barra, Jason Barrett, Spencer Endsley, Chad Wilson, Delmar Kerkow, Juan Oliveras, Rebecca Laisch, Michael Costa, Robert Wise, Laura Christie, Stephanie Johnson, and Scott Kaplan.

5 years

5 years: Mildred Cortez, Ryan Broomwell, Christopher Schwan, Jonathan Barnes, Dale Carlson, Cassandra Hill, Cristina Soto, Agnel Herrera, Scott O’Neill, Kallan Cunningham, Cameron Crandell, Carina Sandoz, Joe Etter, Carrie Smiley, Lin Badman-Paton, Scott Allman, Steven Scheirer, Yeison Betancur, Michael Soto, Ivan Baez Lopez, Anibal Ramos, Samantha Dileonardo, Michael W. Wager, Frank Arismendi, Theresa Collabella Lewis, Misael Cortez Jr., Sean Daley, Valeria Grieve, Christian Liciaga, Thomas Walters, and William A. Harris.