The City of St. Cloud is warning residents to be mindful of a door to door “e.coli” scammer posing as a city employee.

The City of St. Cloud has been contacted recently by a resident who was approached by someone claiming to be a city employee, making false claims that there was E. coli in the city’s drinking water.

Although the person presented her ID to the resident, the female scammer did it in a way that made it difficult to see and then quickly left when the resident was getting his cell phone to take a photo of the ID.

Residents of St. Cloud should be aware that the city monitors the disinfection level of the drinking water as it leaves the plant, which doesn’t allow E. coli to be present in the water. Additionally, samples are taken for total coliform, a higher standard of water quality throughout the city’s drinking water system.

If you, or someone you know, are approached by someone making a false claim like this, please contact the non-emergency police department number at 407-891-6700 or call St. Cloud Utilities’  customer service number at 407-957-7344.