With the summer rains seemingly starting to arrive in Osceola County, the talk of mosquitos has creeped back into many conversations in the community. Last year their was an enormous outcry for a strategy to control the mosquito population due to the “pandemic” fear for the Zika Virus. Cases of Zika were reported in Osceola and with that came much concern. The fear of Zika was a national one with the federal government funding research and systems meant to control the mosquitos that carried the Zika virus.

Fortunately Osceola County doesn’t consider mosquito control a summer issue, but rather one of the year round issues that must be properly strategized, managed and executed for the good of the citizens of Osceola County and for the purpose of over all disease control.

Osceola County’s Mosquito Control Director, Terry Torrens, spoke to Positively Osceola about this year’s mosquito control and the Zika Virus.