A tragic incident unfolded in Osceola County on Wednesday afternoon, leaving a cyclist dead and a motorcyclist in police custody following a shooting. Sheriff Marcos Lopez reported that the incident occurred near the intersection of Fortune Road and Bill Beck Boulevard, close to the Ponderosa RV Park.

The male cyclist was shot by a male motorcyclist who then fled the scene. Thanks to a witness’s description, deputies were able to locate and apprehend the suspect at a nearby dollar store.

Sheriff Lopez confirmed that a female passenger was also on the motorcycle during the shooting. Her involvement or custody status remains unclear at this time.

“The bicyclist was approaching the entrance of Ponderosa Park when the guy on the motorcycle came up to him and shot him, and then fled the scene. He was with a female on the back of his motorcycle,” Sheriff Marcos Lopez said during the investigation after the shooting.

Details about the identities and ages of those involved have not been released, nor has the motive behind the shooting been disclosed.

Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.