Just a week after Hurricane Dorian put us on high alert for tropical weather, a developing system southeast of Florida is likely to bring wet and squally weather to the area this weekend.

The National Hurricane Center has been watching an area of disturbed weather now over the central and southeastern Bahamas. Conditions are becoming favorable for a tropical depression or tropical storm to form within the next day or so as the system moves slowly toward the northwest through the northwestern Bahamas and toward the Florida Peninsula. The National Hurricane Center  gives this system a 70 percent change of becoming a tropical depression or storm through Sunday.

If this development trend continues Potential Tropical Cyclone advisories will likely be initiated sometime today. Soaking rains and some gusty winds are likely. An Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon, if the NHC deems necessary.

So stay aware of some poor weather through the weekend and into Monday, Osceola County!