The summer break will soon come to a close and for teachers, families, and students, preparing for that first day at school is now a top priority. Making sure school supplies are in place is an important part of learning success. Here’s how you can help! 

Unfortunately, many families in our community are unable to go out and purchase the items on the supply list provided by their teachers, especially this with inflation causing additional financial pressure,  They are struggling to pay rent, buy clothing and food, so purchasing the tools their students need to participate in their education can be even more difficult this year. That’s where A Gift For Teaching of Osceola County comes in.  

The Education Foundation of Osceola County’s Gift forTeaching free teacher supply store allows teachers to receive supplies for their students and classrooms for free all year long.

So, how can the community help make sure the teacher supply store has adequate supplies to fill this school year’s need?

Here are a few ways:

  1. Donate new school supplies.
  2. Make a financial donation that is used to purchase school supplies for the Education Foundation of Osceola County’s Gift for Teaching program.

Making a financial contribution is quick and easy, just scan the QR code, and you’ll have made a positive impact in the community, in our schools, and in the lives of students that are working hard succeed in the Osceola County School District, and in life!

Education Foundation QR Code

Click here for more information about the Education Foundation of Osceola County.