The Osceola County Supervisor of Elections Office is visiting high schools in and around Osceola County helping seniors to register to vote. This initiative is focused on empowering senior students by providing them with the resources and guidance needed to register to vote. Through this educational outreach, the elections office is not only facilitating the registration process, but also fostering civic engagement among the youth of Osceola County.

Every year outreach staff visits each public high school in the county one to two times to reach all their senior students. At these visits, elections outreach staff help eligible students to register to vote and educate all students on how, when, where and why to vote. Students wishing to register to vote need to know either their Florida Driver License/Permit/ID card number or the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

Staff will be at the following high schools this semester:

  • NeoCity Academy                                        1/31/24
  • Gateway High School                                 2/2/24
  • St. Cloud High School                                2/7/24
  • PATHS                                                           2/14/24
  • Liberty High School                                     3/25/24
  • Osceola High School                                  4/10/24
  • Osceola School for the Arts                       4/12/24

For additional information, please visit or call 407-742-6000.