For the past few weeks EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts have been in full swing. It’s a festival that celebrates creativity and explores the human condition through culinary, visual and performing arts. And, of course, there is a lot of Disney magic mixed in.

Throughout the day there are demonstrations by all types of artists from one artists that paints Disney iconic characters while listening to his favorite music to the Disney on Broadway concert series with some of the biggest stars from Disney on Broadway shows. You can find art being created on murals and chalk artists working on their masterpieces. There is truly something for everyone.

EPCOT Center Festival of the Arts 2018

Guests can experience various types of artwork.  While you stroll along the paths, you’ll find many artist’s booths, filled with their artwork for purchase. You can find everything from oil to acrylic paintings with your favorite Disney characters and buildings found on Disney property to other contemporary work done by the same artists. You can find sidewalk chalk masterpieces that only last through the weekend or until a rain storm, whatever comes first. There are some of which that are 3-D and with photo opportunities. You can become an artist yourself, by painting a small piece of a mural. There is also an opportunity to create your own silk scarf by using a form of Japanese marbling!

While there is so much to see, there are also many special Photopass areas to partake in. There are life-size frames with famous paintings where a key person is missing. These artistic sets allow guests to take a photo where they replace the missing person. From making the ‘Scream’ face in one photo-op to taking on the role of George Washington as they cross the Delaware, there are so many opportunities that can put you in the middle of an infamous painting. Characters even have an easel with a portrait of them too.

Festival of the Arts EPCOT Osceola

Of course, what is a festival at EPCOT without food? They have various food boots set up throughout the World Showcase that allow you to enjoy cuisine with all of your senses. Every dish or beverage is a masterpiece unto its self, with the use of different colors and flavors. Not only is each dish an artistic piece of culinary art, it also paints a different flavor portrait on your taste buds. While the booths may look similar and have similar locations to other festivals of the year (like Flower and Garden or Food and Wine), the menu items are unique to this festival.

Inside the Festival Center, you can find art classes and special food offerings. Inside the Innovations Building, you can screen print your own Festival of the Arts t-shirt. Each day, there are three performances from Disney Broadway musicals sung by some of Broadway’s finest. Each weekend, a pair of Broadway performers that have portrayed characters in Disney Broadway shows, take the stage across from the American Adventure in the World Showcase. Audiences will tap, clap, and sing along to some of the most popular and well-known songs from Disney Broadway favorites. Annual Passholders can secure special seating by visiting the Passholder’s area near The American Adventure.

There is something for everyone and every age at this festival. It is a great opportunity to share your artistic side as a family. The arts are an important part of cultures from around the world. They transcend conflict and time. Art often puts emotions into a media in which they can be understood. Not only are they important as a part of our history, but they also increase one’s ability to excel in other aspects such as education and job performance. EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. The festival runs during an ‘extended‘ Disney weekend (Friday through Sunday). Hurry though, there is only one weekend left to enjoy this festival before the festival ends on February 19th.

EPCOT Festival of the arts