Experience Kissimmee and Visit Orlando recently hosted a welcome reception for Geoff Freeman, President & CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. The event brought together industry leaders, staff, and board members to discuss the current state of the industry and hear Freeman’s vision for the future of travel and tourism.

During his remarks, Mr. Freeman emphasized the crucial role that international visitors play in the growth and success of the travel and tourism industry. He expressed his commitment to working with the U.S. State Department to reduce visa wait times from American consulates in Latin America and Asia and to end the vaccine mandate for international visitors.

“International visitors play a vital role in our economy, and it is our responsibility to make sure that their experience in the U.S. is as seamless and enjoyable as possible,” said Geoff Freeman. “We are working with our partners in government to eliminate the barriers that prevent international visitors from coming to the U.S. and to ensure that their experience here is safe and memorable.”

The U.S. Travel Association promotes travel and tourism as a means of economic growth, job creation, and cultural exchange. By reducing visa wait times and ending the vaccine mandate, the association is working to make travel more accessible and enjoyable for international visitors.

“In Osceola County, Florida, we understand the economic impact that international visitors have on our growing communities. We will continue to work with local and national partners to lessen the barrier of entry welcoming global visitors with more ease,” expressed DT Minich, President & CEO of Experience Kissimmee.

Experience Kissimmee and Visit Orlando are proud to partner with the U.S. Travel Association in its efforts to promote travel and tourism and support the industry’s growth and success.

Experience Kissimmee is the official tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida.