Get ready gator enthusiasts, Gator Week at Wild Florida is back through June 3, with guests receiving free Gator Park admission when they make a small donation towards the Wild Florida Scholarship Fund to help Osceola County high school students pay for college.

Exotic Animal Show – During Wild Florida’s regularly scheduled Exotic Animal Show performances, they’ll focus our segments on different types of crocodilians. For instance, Wild Florida will bring out a Nile, caiman, albino and regular American alligator. In addition to an educational seminar, they’ll also have alligator calling contests and Q&A trivia.

Gator Feeding Show –  Wild Florida will step inside their Gator Pond to find out what the alligator’s favorite food is during the feeding show and see what type of food makes the gators really jump. They’ll also demonstrate the power behind an alligator’s bite by watching them crush melons!

Crusher Show – Crusher is the largest alligator at Wild Florida, weighing close to 1,000 pounds and measuring up to 13 feet long. While you learn more about Crusher and his unique personality, Wild Florida’s Croc Squad will demonstrate the different commands he’s learned along with seeing how powerful his bite is with different foods.

Donations made during Gator Week will go to the Wild Florida Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to graduating Osceola County high school seniors!

In Wild Florida’s Gator Park, guests can get up close and personal with over 200 native and exotic animals, including zebras, sloths, lemurs, and of course, alligators. Wild Florida has created a beautiful environment where park guests can observe animals in their unique habitats and talk to the animal care team about what it’s like to work with these animals.

Whether you choose to feed and learn about the baby animals in the Petting Zoo or explore the Hawk Swamp and observe the owls, Wild Florida’s Gator Park offers fun for all.

Wild Florida, which opened on Lake Cypress in 2010, strives to provide an unforgettable Everglades experience that will promote a connection with animals while inspiring education and conservation. Along with their Gator Park, they offer airboat tours and a drive-thru safari park.

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