With Thanksgiving fast approaching (and maybe the in-laws), the national average for a gallon of gas is steadily declining.  Since last week, pump prices have fallen 10 cents to $3.30. Since the price peak for 2023, the national average has either fallen or remained flat for 60 straight days. In Florida, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.03, while Osceola County drivers are paying even less at $2.95.

“Drivers this Thanksgiving can expect cheaper gas prices,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “Ten states now have sub $3 a gallon averages, and more will join soon. So savvy drivers will find savings on their way to a turkey dinner this year.” 

Have an awesome holiday week, and please drive carefully as it’s expected that we will see the most amount of cars on the road since 2000.