As of Friday morning, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Florida was $4.46, that’s an increase of 7 cents from Thursday, and 27 cents since last week when prices were at $4.19. Nationally, gas is 3 cents cheaper at $4.43, and in Osceola County we’re paying the same as the state at $4.46.

According to AAA, Florida is one of 10 states that saw the largest increases and looking back a year ago, a gallon of regular unleaded was at $2.90, more than $1.50 cheaper.

Although we are now paying the highest gas prices in history, $4.50 per gallon, or higher, is not out of the question. AAA says that the supply of gasoline has decreased in the U.S., and although demand decreased, prices are continuing to move upward.