You may call the things you collect antiques. Others call it “another man’s treasure.”

Maybe it’s time that experts, like the History Channel’s Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, decide!

The two host the popular documentary “American Pickers”. They cross the country, picking through private collections of “stuff”, hoping to find rare relics and turn the finds into profit. Part of the show is also about learning the stories of how the people who have these unique collections got them.

They’ll be searching Florida, Georgia, northern Alabama this December, filming new episodes and looking for large collections they can sift through; apparently they have all day.

They are touring Wisconsin and Minnesota this month and will be in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in November.

If you have a collection of unique, never-before-seen or potentially valuable items you’d like the American Pickers to, well, pick at, contact them by email at, or call 855-OLD-RUST.

No stores, businesses or anyone selling wares to the general public will be considered.

Some treasures they buy from the collectors are sold in their antiques shops or, in some cases, put in their personal collections. Mike and Frank were last in Florida in January, and reportedly made it as far as Bradenton.

On the History Channel since 2010, the new season of American Pickers begins next Monday (Oct. 21) at 9 p.m. Eastern.