Today, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has opened applications for the new Alligator Super Hunt, offering a unique and expanded hunting season. Unlike the traditional Statewide Alligator Harvest Program, which limits hunters to a single application, the Super Hunt allows participants to submit multiple applications at $5 each, significantly increasing their chances of selection.

This new program extends the hunting season by an additional 10 weeks, permitting hunters to harvest up to two alligators. The flexibility of this system is designed to attract more participants and provide greater hunting opportunities across the state.

This opportunity is similar to other special-opportunity hunts the FWC implements in that applicants pay $5 for each application and can apply as many times during the application period as desired to increase their chances of being drawn. The 2024 application period will run May 3 – June 3. Applications can be submitted at

The number of permits will be established annually and will be selected through a random drawing process. Up to two alligators may be harvested per permit, and selected permittees will be allowed to hunt at most legally accessible alligator management units (AMUs) from August 15 – December 31. Only 16 AMUs are excluded from the Alligator Super Hunt. A list of excluded AMUs can be found at the bottom of this page.