Detectives in Osceola County have resolved a string of FedEx package thefts with the arrest of 26-year-old Abel Bismarck Valdez-Feliz. After a series of thefts throughout April, involving a recurring suspect and vehicle, authorities employed multiple investigative techniques to pinpoint Valdez-Feliz as the prime suspect.

On a recent Tuesday, deputies apprehended Valdez-Feliz and executed a search warrant at his residence. They discovered numerous items of evidence confirming his involvement in the package thefts. During an interview, Valdez-Feliz confessed to the crimes, leading to his arrest and charges, including two counts of burglary and two counts of third-degree grand theft.

Valdez-Feliz is currently held in Osceola County jail without bond. The sheriff’s office is urging anyone with more information or who may have experienced similar incidents to come forward and contact them at (407) 348-2222.