It would be irresponsible to say, “We’ve flattened the curve.”

But, based on data on new coronavirus cases, death, hospitalizations and bed availability, is wouldn’t be a stretch to say that by practicing social distancing and everything involved with that during April, we are getting there.

We’re doing everything right, as much as it hurts.

Per the Florida Department of Health, Osceola County added one new case total on Monday, the lowest of any day in April and the lowest since none came in on March 20, a week after the county’s first case came in. There is just one more person hospitalized due to COVID-19 in county hospitals than there were three nights ago. And hospital capacity still hovers right around 33 percent with about 60 ICU beds available county wide.

There are now over 27,000 cases and 823 deaths across the state of Florida.