On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Fred Hawkins Jr., 3rd term Osceola County Commissioner, held his campaign kickoff night at Osceola Heritage Park’s Heritage Club. Supporters from all over Osceola County and throughout Central Florida came together in solidarity to back the journey of Osceola County Commissioner Fred Hawkins Jr. who has begun his quest to become the next Representative for Florida House District 42, a seat currently held by Representative Mike La Rosa who is in his final term due to term limits.

During the special campaign kickoff gathering Commissioner Hawkins along with his wife Tiffany, and their daughter Kendrie welcomed guests with open arms.

The energy in the room was high, as local community leaders, business owners, family, and friends were in attendance to show their support for Hawkins. Guests were eager to share why they believe he is the best choice for the next Florida House District 42 Representative.

I’ve known for a long time and Fred has always been a principled and conservative leader. I feel confident that when he gets to Tallahassee he will be a  fine representative for district 42.

– Ricky Booth, Osceola County School Board District 5

Narcoossee had a growth program for future development and Fred worked with the community to control the growth in the east side of the county. If Fred says he’ll do it, then he’ll do it. He is always honest and if something isn’t obtainable he will tell you.

– Scott Sever, Narcoossee Historical Society President

I’ve known Fred since he ran the first time for County Commissioner. What Fred said earlier about being responsive is difficulty true. He wants to hear from you whether you agree with him or not.

– Carl Platt, Crosby & Associates, Inc.

Fred is a community-driven leader who is faith-based and leads by what people want. Public safety is number one for him and has always looked out for the community. I’ve supported him since he got into office.

– Adam Seithel, President of the Osceola County Professional Firefighters 

Commissioner Hawkins addressed the crowd with a heartfelt speech, supported by his family, thanking everyone for their support and briefly sharing the issues he will focus on if elected as House Representative for District 42. He touched on three keys topics, protecting Florida’s water and natural resources, public safety, and education.