The Kissimmee Fire Department  will begin integrating telemedicine and patient navigation into the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system with the Tele911 program beginning Monday, June 6.

The use ofTele911, Inc. by Kissimmee Fire Department is intended to reduce ambulance transports to the Emergency Room for residents who call 911 with non-emergency medical issues. KFD is one of the first fire departments in Florida to use this service.

Patients will be evaluated by KFD paramedics, who will determine if they are stable and can participate in a live telehealth visit. The Tele911 emergency physician will then make an appropriate disposition and treatment plan that meets the patient’s needs. The patient will also receive a next day follow-up with a physician. 

Patients who are not transported will also receive a follow-up by a Tele911 social worker to provide them with linkage to primary care and social services.

KFD and Tele911 will provide emergency medicine telehealth services and social worker follow-ups, allowing KFD paramedics to offer an even higher level of patient care, address social determinants of health, and reduce response times for actual emergencies.

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