Netflix fans have been flocking to a new release, “Sweet Magnolias”, an instant hit on the digital platform after just being released on May 19.

One of the characters in the show is one of Osceola’s own. Fifteen-year-old Logan Allen lives in Harmony and plays big-hearted Kyle Townsend, the youngest son of the lead character.

“I love all the fans, it’s so special knowing that all the hard work you put in comes alive,” Allen said Monday.

Sweet Magnolias is about three gentile South Carolina women who are lifelong friends navigating their careers, families and romances. JoAnna Garcia Swisher stars as recently-divorced Maddie Townsend. Kyle, Allen’s character, has a crush on the daughter of one of Maddie’s friends.

The show is set in a small Southern town where “everybody knows everybody” and gossip and secrets spread like wildfire. The first 10-episode season debuted last week and was No. 5 on Netflix right out of the gate. It took less than a week to reach No. 1 in the U.S. Since the final episode featured a cliffhanger, Logan said he’s hoping for a second season once shooting can start again after the virus pandemic.

“It’s a story about love, relationships and community coming together,” Allen said. “It’s something the world needs right now with COVID dominating everything.”

Allen also appeared in Monday night’s premiere of  Shudder TV’s “Creepshow”, a horror-anthology series, on the AMC Channel; check it out on Amazon Prime. It was his first time working a horror show, which he loved because he’s a self-proclaimed horror fan.

Allen, who attended Harmony Community School but now is enrolled in online high school for the flexibility it affords his schedule, got his start in acting by chance. His mom is a teacher and one of her student’s sister was an actress. Her mother thought Logan would be interested in acting.

“My mom brought it up but was concerned that nobody in the family was in the business,” he said. “I was like, ‘What kid doesn’t want to be on TV?’”

The chance the Allen family took paid off. His credits include commercials, photo shoots, the Nickelodeon show “Talia in the Kitchen”, which also included that original friend, and the 2018-19 Bernie the Dolphin films.

“It’s funny how the acting world is a small world,” Logan said. “There are a lot of actors in the world, but at tryouts you see the same people because when a role is cast they want something specific. So you make friendships.”

Allen said he has other projects lined up, and is also hopeful for a second Sweet Magnolias season, and is focused on his future in acting

“I know I want to be an actor. I want to be in the business,” he said. “My biggest learning curve has been the work behind the camera. I could move into directing, or writing. When I’m in a scene I’m starting to think of the ways they are shot and written.”

Positively Osceola was super excited and honored to speak to Logan during our Coffee Club discussion LIVE on Facebook Monday evening. It was clear that Logan’s family has done an outstanding  job with him, and