Fill Valentine’s Day on Friday with love.

Your friends at Kissimmee Utility Authority know you’ll probably fill it a bit with helium in a romantic balloon for your significant other, but be very careful with popular Mylar or metallic balloons, as they carry a public safety risk, and can cause power outages when they interfere with transmission lines. Those outages could be to significant-sized areas and knock out safety measures like traffic lights and street lights.

KUA has a list of safety rules for handling those metallic balloons, such as: 
Weigh them down. Secure it to a weight heavy enough so they won’t drift away.
One at a time. Don’t bundle them together.
Keep them indoors. Never release them outside.
Pitch them properly. When done with them, deflate them by cutting the knot with scissors or puncturing them. Fold them up and throw them away in the garbage.

If there’s a problem, go get the pros. Don’t try to retrieve anything tangled in power lines. Call KUA (407-933-9898) and report it.
Just a note from Kissimmee Utility Authority and Positively Osceola to have a positive Valentine’s Day!