From Albino alligators, to ring-tailed lemurs, peacocks, and zebras, Wild Florida has a vast collection of exotic animal exhibits and can take you back 500 years into the past to explore Florida’s wild side.  Cruise on an airboat tour or get a closer look at your new furry friend during an animal encounter.  This local summer fun spot offers a wild experience for the kids and for the entire family.

Positively Osceola was excited to witness Wild Florida’s 19 albino alligator eggs! These baby gators are expected to hatch 60-90 days after being laid on June 7, 2019.  This is the world’s first successful albino to albino breeding program, and Wild Florida’s Croc Squad is proud that Blizzard and Snowflake successfully nested and produced eggs for the first time!

The albino alligator eggs have been retrieved from their mother’s nest and are now safely resting in a special incubator to protect her eggs from predators such as raccoons, possums, and ants.  We are looking forward to the babies hatching sometime in August and encourage all those who haven’t been in a while, or never had the chance to, visit Wild Florida sometime this summer!

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