On Wednesday, the Kissimmee Police Department hosted its quarterly awards ceremony at the Kissimmee Civic Center. This special event served as a platform to recognize and honor the dedicated men and women who tirelessly serve and protect the community, going above and beyond the call of duty.

Officers, their families, community members, and local dignitaries gathered to celebrate the exemplary achievements and acts of valor performed by KPD’s finest and community members. The quarterly awards ceremony acknowledge the unwavering commitment of these officers.

The ceremony featured a range of awards and recognitions, including:


Employee of the Month for May – Detective Mario Cardenas
Employee of the Month for June – Officer Anthony Shaffer
Employee of the month for July – Detective Matthew Pinnell
Employee of the month for August – Detective Elizabeth Acevedo
Tele-communicator of the Quarter – Genesis Rodriguez
Commendations Award – Officer Gomez
Community Service Award – Officer Toro and Officer Renderos

Community Partnership Award
Sgt. Matthew Hobbs
Sgt. Glenn Gilbert
Detective Chester Morris
Detective Collin Dunn
Detective Thomas Fertic
Detective Marcus Dodd
Detective Kevin Burkard
Detective Joshua Cordero

Community Partnership Award
Sam Ashley
Christine Ashley
Nita Fisher
Pat Fisher

Commendations Award – Teri Hindle

Top Achiever’s Award
Sergeant Christopher Breuer
Detective Astrid Cruz
Detective Joshua Mila-Ortiz
Detective Cole Tuttle

Life Saving Award
Senior Officer Gerardo Bellido

Award of Excellence
Evelyn Herrera Jackson (HELP NOW)
Chaplain Hector Lozada (Agape International
Dorian Coley and Miguelina Coley (Destination Life)
Meghan McDonough (Community Legal Services)
Ken Calloway (Freedom of Life Church)

Unit Citation
Officer Gerardo Bellido
Officer Karen Devaliere
Officer Vanessa Carey
Telecommunicator Daisy Gonzalez
Telecommunicator Rikardo Georges

Unit Citation
Lieutenant Jeinly Ortiz
Sergeant Moises Diaz
Sergeant Jeffrey Patanjo
Corporal Joseph Smith
Corporal Emerson Godin-Koehler
Officer Anthony Demery
Officer Jujuan Willis
Officer Dariel Quiles-Davila
Officer Wilfredo Castro
Officer Joshua Acevedo Lugo
Officer Jonathan Fernandez
Officer Andrew Baseggio
Officer Michael Elder
Officer Olajuwon Bynoe
Officer Trevoye Smith
Officer Ajyai Latchman
Officer Jaylynn Nieves
Osceola Pilot George Freeman
Osceola TFO Keith Mobley

Unit Citation
Lieutenant Omar Berrio
Sergeant Moises Diaz
Officer Wilfredo Castro
Officer Anthony Demery
Officer Lenora Wooten
Officer Jaylynn Nieves
Officer Joshua Acevedo Lugo
Officer Dariel Quiles-Davila
K9 Officer Bradley Wheeler

Unit Citation
Sergeant Charles Popp
Sergeant Moises Diaz
Sergeant Raquel Fernandez
Corporal Gerry Garrett
Corporal Takeya Close
Corporal Patrick Smith
Officer Corina Garcia
Officer Robert Kloznick
Officer Joshua Acevedo Lugo
Officer Tristian Clark
Officer Dariel Quiles-Davila
Officer Jujuan Willis
Officer Austin McLeod
Officer Jaylynn Nieves
Officer Michael Elder
Officer Wilfredo Castro
Officer Anthony Demery
Officer Lenora Wooten
Detective Cyle Smallwood
Detective Brian Moore
CST Alexsandra Figueroa Bryan
CST Isabella Bellomo

Unit Citation
Corporal Anjeanette Fontanez
Officer Olajuwon Bynoe
Officer Brian Renderos
Officer Phuoc Vo
Officer Andres Gomez
Officer Jesus Cornier
Officer Kyle Bywater
Officer David Toro

Unit Citation
Corporal Jean Paul Antepara
Officer Richard Reyes Soto
Officer Eliezer Vazquez
Officer Andrew Cason
Officer Brandon Salgado
CSO Rondu Artis
Officer Rosalyn Espiet
CST Fatema Hossain
CST Alexsandra Figueroa
CST Isabella Bellomo

Retirement Recognition – Retired Lieutenant James Napier

Highlights from the Ceremony

KPD’s quarterly awards ceremony not only recognized the past achievements of KPD officers but also highlighted their ongoing dedication to protecting and serving Kissimmee’s diverse and vibrant community. As we look to the future, we can be assured that the Kissimmee Police Department will continue to uphold its standards of excellence, fostering a stronger and safer community for all its residents. The quarterly awards ceremony is a symbol of the unwavering commitment and dedication that KPD officers bring to their roles every day, and it serves as an inspiration to us all.