Pinch a Penny Pool, Patio, Spa in St. Cloud isn’t just in the community, they are part of the community. In that, it’s their passion to assist people in having the perfect pool, and that means education. The entire staff at St. Cloud Pinch a Penny takes great pride in providing each customer with the best solution for their pool’s individual need, and then takes extra time to explain that solution. It’s all part of the excellent customer service experience each and every Pinch a Penny Pool in St. Cloud receives.

On Tuesday June 16, at 8:00pm Pinch a Penny Pool Patio Spa in St. Cloud will have another Virtual Pool School Discussion LIVE on Positively Osceola’s Facebook Page based entirely on hurricane season and how to be prepared before and after. Here are some of the tips we’ll be discussing that evening!

Before The Storm
Trim nearby trees and bushes of dead limbs or branches that may become airborne and cause damage to your house, pool equipment or screen enclosure.

Patio furniture, toys, canvas awnings, patio umbrellas, grills, telescopic poles, and even some pool equipment can become dangerous projectiles during hurricanes or thunderstorms. These can cause severe damage to surrounding property in heavy winds. Remove all possible unsecured items and store them indoors until the threat passes. Do not throw these items into the pool, where chemicals could damage the item and removal afterward can be difficult. Remember to store your automatic pool cleaner in a safe place before the arrival of the storm.

Remove your solar blankets and store them indoors during periods of heavy wind. Lock the safety straps on portable spa covers or remove and store indoors. Store any steps or benches inside as well.

If you decide to remove any child safety fencing, do not allow children near the pool after the fence is removed. Keep exterior doors locked and reinstall the child safety measures as soon as possible. After reinstalling, ensure nothing has become damaged and that the safety measures are reinstalled properly.

If there is a chance the pool motor or other permanently plumbed electrical equipment could end up submerged because of rising water, shut down power at the breaker panel. Sandbag the area around the equipment if possible. Wrap the exposed equipment in a waterproof covering and tie it securely.
Do not drain the pool completely. An empty pool is subject to “floating” or “popping” out of the ground due to lift pressure from excessive groundwater. If you expect heavy rain and decide to lower the water level to help prevent overflowing, do not drain past the bottom of the skimmer. Running your pool pump dry can cause serious damage.

If you have a gas heater, turn off the gas supply at the valve.

Add extra Suncoast Gold™ Liquid Chlorine from Pinch a Penny and circulate the pool as much as possible before the storm, then turn off the power at the circuit breaker. You can also add a 4lb. floating chlorinator. This will provide sanitization in case you lose power and cannot run your pump.
Don’t hesitate to add an extra dose of All In One Algaecide to prevent a possible algae bloom.

After The Storm
Remove branches, leaves, mulch or other foreign matter from the pool before you run the pump to prevent clogging the suction lines. If you have to enter your pool to clear debris, make sure you wear shoes to avoid injury to your feet.

If you lost power during the storm, remember to reset your circuit breakers and pump timer(s) when electricity is restored, taking care to be sure that everything is dry.

Remove any covering from the motor or other equipment to allow for airflow. If the pump motor has been submerged, it should be removed for professional cleaning and drying.

Return the pool water to its proper level. Empty the pump and skimmer baskets and open the appropriate valves to allow water to circulate properly when the pump is turned back on.

Super-chlorinate the pool and circulate continuously until clarity returns. Clean or backwash filters often, and recharge with new D.E. if applicable. There will be a higher volume of debris and particulate in the water than normal and your filter will need more attention for a few days.

Bring your pool water to Pinch A Penny Pool, Patio, Spa in St. Cloud located at 4507 Old Canoe Creek Rd to have it analyzed and back to the proper pool balance as quickly as possible. After any rain, circulate the pool for at least a couple of hours prior to collecting a sample. This will combine the chemically treated water with the rainwater to ensure an accurate sample.

Repair or replace any screens, doors, fences or gates used to prevent children from entering your pool unattended.
When your pool is clean and clear, resume normal operation and enjoy swimming safely in your pool!