After a successful first webinar about the “COVID Slide” — how students may need some summer brush-ups to be ready to head back to school in the fall after being on distance learning since the end of March — Huntington Learning Academy of St. Cloud will hold another on Thursday.

This free webinar, which begins at 1 p.m., is called “Coping through COVID” and deals with the importance of family mental health during this pandemic.

Students and parents are currently dealing with a lot of different emotions due to school closures and the impact of COVID-19 on their families and communities. This pandemic may be causing great concern and anxiety for students, which is an already vulnerable demographic.

Go to Huntington’s website for the registration link.

During Thursday’s webinar, Dr. Amanda Morales will discuss the potential effects this pandemic has on families and strategies to cope. Dr. Morales will discuss the effect this pandemic has had on people, especially children, who have faced changes from school closures, standardize test cancellations, graduation postponements and cancellations and more all at once in a series of news that’s all been bad. She’ll talk about common reactions to such an uncommon time, the importance of mental health and our overall well-being, coping techniques and strategies to build resilience for parents and children, and when to seek additional help and resources that are available.

It’s a great opportunity for parents to ask a professional questions, so join Huntington Learning Academy and Dr. Morales on Thursday.