After almost seven years of major construction on the I-4 corridor’s busiest segment of the I-4 Ultimate Project, the 21-mile stretch of eastbound and westbound express toll lanes from Kirkman Road to State Road 434 will be open to the public Saturday morning, according to FDOT.

I-4 Express will open with the introductory cost of 50 cents per tolling segment, which ends up being $3.50 if you’re traveling east from Universal Studios and $3 enter in Longwood.

FDOT said the tolls will change depending on the volume of traffic using the express lanes, which is designed to manage congestion. The busier the express lanes are the more they will cost. you.

The toll rate will be displayed on overhead digital signs and all tolls will be nonstop electronic tolling.
I-4 Express will take EPass

, Peach Pass, E-ZPass, NC Quick Pass

, and LeeWay,

To learn more about I-4 Express visit the website.

Source: FDOT