Winning contests are cool, but face it… how often is a “you can win a free this – or – that” real? So here’s the deal. You’re not getting an iPhone 12, not now, and certainly not for free – right now, especially. It’s September in the year 2020 and no one can get an iPhone 12 since we haven’t even seen one – we just “hear” one is coming, and we’re not sure when, because they’re already late! So, again, you’re not gonna win an iPhone 12 right now, but that hasn’t stopped scammers from trying to play you good natured unsuspecting folks into a scam using the iPhone 12 as a lure.

This is what is happening… text messages are going out telling people that they’ve been “selected” for a special opportunity that will make it possible for them to receive a free iPhone 12 (yes, the one that no one has seen yet and doesn’t really exist yet). That doesn’t matter though – cuz some folks are buying into the scam anyway.

The scam texts look like they were supposed to go to someone else but somehow ended up coming to your phone instead, So then you have the chance to click on a link to enter into a special “Apple 2020 Testing Program.” Which is ridiculous and never has happened – and never will.

Like most phishing scams, you click on a couple things – which is terrible – and then you end up on a scam site where you are supposed to feel like you’re closing in on the “deal.” All you have to do then is pay for shipping and you’re good to go, and can start looking out the front door waiting for it to come via Fed Ex, or someone else, who isn’t coming with your iPhone 12 that you’re not getting. So you fill out the payment form, giving the scammers all they need to begin a path of ripping you off and laughing at you for falling for it… which is really terrible.

So, here it is again… don’t fall for scams like this ever! NO one is giving away cell phones – unless you sign up for their cell service plans for a year or two, and still – it won’t be the iPhone 12… cuz… they’re not even out yet!!!!