It’s April 20th and that means it’s National Look Alike Day!

On April 20th we celebrate those who look like another person. National Look Alike Day celebrates those who look a lot like another person.

This day was created as a fun day to look like another person. Growing up, did a teacher constantly call you by another student’s name? Some of us often hear the words, “You remind me of someone,” or “You look just like so and so.” If so, then you are one step ahead of the game.

Professional look-alikes perform as entertainers. Some of the most famous roles they play are Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. But others look like presidents or actors.

If you do find your spitting image, some might call it a doppelganger. However, seeing your doppelganger suggests you’ve seen your spirt double who roams the Earth. In folklore, seeing your doppelganger signals a bad omen. Though over the years, the term has come to mean someone who looks just like you.

Now the chances of finding someone your mirror image depends on who you believe. There’s no strong scientific evidence one way or the other, and different tools analyze what different features. But if you’ve met your living clone, you know just how likely the chances are of running into your look alike.

So, today on National Look Alike Day celebrate by having fun and posting your “look alike” pictures on social media next to someone you have been told, or think, you look like! #NationalLookAlikeDay.