It’s May 13th, and that means its National Apple Pie Day!

The stay at home order that most of America participated in seemed to be a catalyst for an increase in food experimenting over the last couple of months as families and individuals shared their choices of “stay at home cuisine” on their favorite social media channels. One delicacy that seemed to be often overlooked was good ol’ Apple Pie, but we’ll not let that happen today!

The first apple pie recipe printed was in England in 1381. The list of ingredients included good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and cofyn (a type of pastry crust).

While the apple pie existed well before the Pilgrims landed on the eastern shores of what is now The United States, the phrase “as American as apple pie” has been around for more than 100 years.

Pies in general have gained somewhat of aa bad reputation as America has made strides toward healthier diets, but the Apple pie has remained a national fav, being potentially more nutritious than other pies, according to some.

Teddy Roosevelt was impressed to have a taste of home when he was served an American apple pie while traveling in Africa.

Soldiers during World War II were often quoted they were fighting “for Mom and apple pie.” In 1970, advertisers used the patriotic connection with a commercial jingle “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”

So, the Apple Pie has been a part of the fiber of Americana for hundreds of years, and it’s no shock. What’s more delicious than a warm apple pie with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. So today, but the diet a bit, and enjoy an American icon… the Apple Pie!