It’s July 11th, or 7-11, and today there is a convenience store chain that celebrates and gives away one of its drinks as famous as the actual name of its stores,  7-Eleven! That’s right, today is National 7-Eleven Day! Conveniently scheduled on “7-11” each year, the world’s largest convenience store chain is offering one of its signature items, the Slurpee – for FREE! The icy cold beverage, a popular choice for cooling off all summer long, is FREE today for 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards app members. App members can enjoy a free small Slurpee through Monday with a coupon added to their loyalty accounts.

This year, its 95th, 7-Eleven has sweetened the deal!For the first time, the Slurpee deal is being offered across 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores, the chain said in a news release.

7-Eleven says it has other items for $1 through Monday for its rewards members.

So, let’s talk Slurpee history a bit…

The Slurpee debuted in 1966. While the machine already existed, 7-Eleven modified the original machine made by Knedlik, which was used to make the Icee, and then branded and licensed the frozen drink under the name Slurpee. Advertising executive, Bob Stanford, gave the sweet, icy drink the name for the sound it makes as it is sucked through a straw.

The term brain freeze existed before 7-Eleven commandeered it in 1991 to replace ice cream headache or the more technical cold stimulus headache. In 1990, brain freeze was often used as a sports term to refer to athletes who faltered on the field. It also applied to the side effects of medications, especially if they affected our mental capacity.

However, immediately after 7-Eleven supposedly redefined the phrase, sports columnists quickly reused the phrase to their benefit. Athletes still had a brain freeze when they made an error, but the columnists cleverly explained the player must have had a Slurpee before taking the field.

Whatever that all means, most everyone has tried one, or a hundred, or more, and those who have can all agree, there’s nothing quite like a freezing cold Slurpee on a hot day. So, head over to a 7-Eleven today, on July 11, 2022 and enjoy a FREE Slurpee on National 7-Eleven Day!